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Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is an authentic Filipino Martial Arts system of offensive combative fighting. PTK is a complete system of martial arts that focuses on both armed and unarmed combat. PTK incorporates five main combat categories that include, single sword or single baton, double sword, knife to knife, sword & knife, and hand to hand. Further, PTK has many subcategories within the system for the advanced practitioner.
PTK has been embraced as the preferred combative training program by elite military and law enforcement units around the world. PTK is practiced through forms, partner drills, technical sparring, full contact sparring, distance sparring with live blades, and tatami mat cutting.

Combat Hapkido’s emphasis is on self-defense as opposed to sport, known as the “Science of Self-Defense” it is a martial art style that employs hand strikes, low-lying kicks, upright grappling, joint locks, takedowns, throws, chokes, escapes, pressure points, trapping, ground fighting, weapon disarms, and weapon application of various impact weapons. Combat Hapkido is trained primarily through partner drills. Combat Hapkido is taught to various U.S. military branches and law enforcement units.

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